Let us RP the day Away.

Because real life is far too drab.

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That awkward moment when you’re so in tune with a character that their emotions can affect your own. And you’re like trying not to let them for the sake of not looking like a delicate assbutt to your RP partner but your character wouldn’t have it any other way.

Me: be nicer you stubborn mule stop making me feel guilty over your actions

Them: no


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Imagine playing “Spin the bottle” with your favourite character, a few of your friends and a character you hate. Each time one of your friends spin the bottle it lands on your favourite character and they get a kiss. As the game goes on you grow jealous and want nothing more then to get a kiss from your favourite character, yet when it’s your turn it lands on the character you hate. 

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Okay, intro time!

Hiya tumblr, new RP blog here. I have found myself with a massively plan-less summer and an excessive amount of free time.
And what better is there to do with it than roleplay?
(Much, I know. Depending who you ask.)
But for me there is little! So, anyone up for a new rp partner?
I love fandom inspired worlds, and am a regular-day fangirl. So chances are I am into a fandom that you are! But I also love making new original worlds and settings. One thing though, I do prefer using OCs.
I do everything from drama to fluff and smut. Love to love, so ships and a chance to sap are very much appreciated.
Okay so… I guess that’s good for now. If you’ve got questions or want to try out some rping, just let me know!

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